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From: Dick Love
Subject: Charlie and MeCharlie and Me (Remembering a Favorite Bully)
Part 1(Story Tags: High School, Authoritarian)by Dick Love
Originally published and Copyright 2003 under the psedonym abadboy2spank
and posted to the Gay School Boy Stories Yahoo Group on March 25, 2003.
This story may only be reproduced without any changes and with permission
of model clitoris medical
the author, who may be contacted at the advanced models above listed email teen model charming address. Your
correspondence and comments are welcome.WARNING:This is an adult story with sexual themes. If you are not of legal age to
read this where you are accessing this story or it is illegal for you to do
so for any reason, or alex wek model if you find material of a sexual nature of any kind
offensive, indian topless model you should exit the website where this story is posted
immediately. This story is only intended to be viewed by those who may
legally do so and who enjoy this kind of literature. ***************************************There was a near epidemic of plantar's warts in our high school that year. These
were nasty little fungal growths that developed on the bottom of the foot and
caused a lot of pain with each step one took. The fungus was often picked up by
walking barefoot on the floor of the locker room when taking gym in school.I was excused from gym this one particular day because I had just had several
plantar's warts removed from one of my feet and needed a crutch to walk. Charlie
was the only other guy excused from gym class that day. He also had plantar's
warts but hadn't had them removed as yet. None-the-less, Charlie had a lot of
discomfort when he walked, and so couldn't take gym.We both were sent to an area in the school basement where there was a table and
chairs where we were told we could study while the other guys went to gym. This
area was located through a door and down a flight of steps from the main
corridor where the gym lockerrooms were located. The table was in an area hidden
in under a stairwell. No-one could see into this little area set up in what I seem to remember was the school boiler room. It was warm weather so there was no noise from the furnaces.It struck me that no-one could approach this quiet little area except by the
stairs and whoever came down those stairs would be heard a indian topless model long time before
having visibility into this cave-like area where we were supposed to stay
during the entire gym period (an hour and a half in duration) reading our text
books and doing homework. I had been sent to this area on several other
occasions when I couldn't take gym class, and had often spent the time fooling
around and chatting with some other guy or guys who were also excused from gym
instead of studying, which was why I had observed how remote this place actually
was. In fact, this was the place where I once gave Louie, (a boy with an 11"
dick) a blow job, which I would not have done in a place where I thought I might
get caught doing it.Anyway, Charlie had to help me down the steep flight of steps, which were hard
to negotiate using my crutch. I doubt they would even use such a place for a
study area today with the new laws governing accessibility for the handicapped,
and also because school administrators today would probably not allow use of a
totally unsupervised study area. But anyway, this was where I found myself on
that particular day. It was just Charlie and me.Charlie was a big ox of a kid. Over six feet tall and built like a football
player. Actually, he didn't go out for football until the followng year, which
is when I started going to all the home games, until Charlie told me he expected
me to sign up to go on the bus with him to all the games the Mohawks played away
at other schools as well. detecto model 750 I didn't know that a nerd like me could get so into
football, but I guess Charlie stimulated interests for me that I never knew I
had. I didn't realize before then that a guy could become a cheerleader, but when
Charlie insisted I sign up, I found out that two or three boys had been
cheerleaders at my school in previous years, so it wasn't completely unheard of.But, I'm getting ahead of my story. I hardly knew Charlie at this time when we
spent our first time together sitting out gym period at the table in
the boiler room.I tried to start up a conversation with Charlie about shows on TV or something
equally as casual and unimportant. He nodded and uh-huhed and said very little,
but just listened and seemed to stare at me with kind of a gleem in his eyes,
but also with kind of a smirk on his tiny models free lips.Finally, Charlie asked the question that must have been in his mind all the
while I had been babbling on about nothing. "I heard from Louie that you sucked
his dick down here a few weeks ago. Is that true?""It was the only time I ever did anything like that", I lied. "He promised he
woudn't tell anyone"."Hey, don't get yourself in a tizzy. Me and Louie are real close buddies, since
maybe third grade when model teen pedo
my folks moved across the street from where he lives. I
doubt he told anybody but me about you being a cocksucker. And, I ain't going to
tell anyone else either after you suck my dick", Charlie said."Oh, I don't think I will ever do anything like that again, Charlie. star model nn
I don't
know how I ever did it then. You see, Louie and I were sitting down here, and he
told me there was something he wanted me to feel. Then, he took my hand and put
it on the inside of his leg almost down to his knee it seemed like. I didn't
think it was his cock I would feel all the way down there, but it was. It was
long enough to be a snake, but it was skinny. I couldn't believe how hot it felt too. I felt from the end of it right up to the base of it, between Louie's legs. I didn't know it would feel so nice, so
when he told me to keep feeling it and rubbing it thrugh his sandra model photobucket
pants, I did what
he wanted. I just couldn't help myself, Charlie. It's not like I'm a homo or
something. You gotta understand, Charlie. I'm not a queer. I like girls,
Charlie. But I just couldn't seem to stop doing what Louie told me to do"."Sure, I understand. So what happened after that?""Gee, I think I said too much already. After all, it was just that one time,
Charlie. It isn't gonna happen any more"."Just tell me what happened. I want to hear it all from your point of view. I
heard Louie tell it. Now its your turn. I insist.", Charlie said."Well, there isn't much more. After I rubbed Louie's prick for a little while,
it got real hard. Louie asked if I would like to see it outside his pants, and
of course I was curious about what that long pole of his looked like, so I told
him that I would like to see it. He unzipped his chinos, and took it out. I
never saw a sausage like that on a guy before. When he told me to suck it, I
refused. Then he said that wouldn't I just stroke it with my hand for him, and
that seemed like an okay thing to do, and I was fascinated by that huge dong of
his, so I did that for him."I gotta admit, Charlie, it felt nice. I played with it quite awhile until a drop
of pre-cum formed on the tip of Louie's stiff pecker. He told me that maybe if I
wouldn't sandra model photobucket suck it, I would at least lick the tip of it. I looked at that clear
drop that had formed on his piss slit, and suddenly I just felt like I had to
taste it, so I bent forward and licked the head of Louie's dick.
The pre-cum tasted good. I was surprised. I thought star model nn it might be awful, even
though it had looked so beautiful, like a little jewel on the end of Louie's
penis. Anyway, when he asked me to suck it again, I took his cock head in my
mouth. I liked how that felt too, real silky and smooth. He asked me to go down
deep on it but I couldn't take too much of that huge long cock in my mouth
before I started gagging on it. Louie told me to back up and take just a couple
of inches in my mouth. Then he wrapped his own hand around his prick and started
jacking it, banging his fist against my mouth with every upstroke. Louie
actually jerked that thing off and shot his load of jizz into my mouth, Charlie,
but I couldn't swallow it like he wanted and spit it out into my handkerchief"."You'll learn to swallow it. I'll teach you. You'll be taking all the cream I
make and gulping it down, and then you'll beg me for more".Oh, no, Charlie. I'm not going to suck another guy ever again. I was just
curious that one time. I don't want to be known as a faggot, Charlie. I just
couldn't live that down.""Hell, you don't have to be a faggot. I got a better idea. You can be my
girlfriend. I don't have one right now, so I think I will just turn you into my
little pussy. Would you like that better than being alex wek model
known as a queer? I'll treat
you real fucking special.""No, I'm not a girl, Charlie. I'm sure you would make a great boyfriend,
but not for me. I told you I like girls, Charlie"."Sure, kiddy nude models you do. I won't stop you from hanging out with the girls, or from
playing with dolls, of from doing any of those things that girls like to
do, tiny models free but you are going to be my girlfriend, so get used to that idea,
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